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Maintain the tradition

"The man on the left is my teacher, Grande Mestre Nô. We come from an incredible unique lineage of capoeira, and it's important to me to always maintain our traditional way to play." - manga (aka Mestre Mangangá)

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Need to revive your body and mind after a long day or week?
Looking for ways to engage your health and wellness with your
community post pandemic in a new normal?
WCC Capoeira is a solution

We are the leading capoeira school in the Northwest

Students Seattle Capoeira Center

We teach the most kids and beginners classes near you in Seattle, Tacoma, and Mountlake Terrace

What Our Students Have to Say

Washington Capoeira Center - Testimonial from Alex

Syed Taqi’s classes make mornings my friend. What better way to begin each day? Not only that capoeira improved my health and well-being. Capoeira improves lives in general.

Alex, Musician

Washington Capoeira Center - Testimonial from Fiza

I really like how new students are welcomed into the community. The atmosphere is always friendly and supportive. There’s cool people from all over in the group, from Seattle to Lynnwood, from Tacoma to Spokane.

Fiza, College Student

Washington Capoeira Center - Testimonial from Mia

I started Capoeira when I was six years old. I have taken classes at Seattle Capoeira Center ever since. Capoeira is cool for kids because we get to play fight while flipping around. Capoeira is exciting and fun!

Mia, Student

Washington Capoeira Center - Testimonial from Ari

I am glad that I found my way to Washington Capoeira Center. Capoeira has really helped me relax. Getting spritually and historically connected to my African ancestors gave me peace of mind and more purpose in life.

Ari, Designer

We use a combination of traditional and modern movement pedagogies to create a vibrant and unique community of Capoeiristas

"When I´m with my mestre, I forget how to play, but I´m here to learn again."

With knowledgeable teachers, learning capoeira is fun and rewarding

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Activate your body and your mind.
All levels are welcome.

We offer a variety of morning, afternoon, and evening adults classes that will fit your skill level and schedule.

seattle capoeira center , photo Gallery

Have fun and be yourself.
Join a community o diverse, mindful, and supportive practitioners.

Everyone is invited to our rodas to come together and build community. We host the only weekly capoeira roda in the Pacific Northwest.

seattle capoeira center , photo Gallery

Experience our commitment to providing a safe, inclusive, and ecouraging space to learn.

In addition to a wide range of adult programs, we have the most kids capoeira classes catering to specific age groups.

We are dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of the lineage of Grand Mestre Nô's Capoeira Angola in the State of Washington.

seattle capoeira center

"You've got to train capoeira and then go play capoeira and live capoeira, always learning and paying it forward to the next generation. That's how you maintain the tradition. We have a full program in Washington where you become prepared to play anywhere you want to play, if you train."

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First class is free for new students!

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