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First class is free. Sign up for your free trial and sign our online waiver before participating. Wear comfortable clothing - please, no shorts. Expect to be barefoot for your training. Come with a positive attitude, a brand new capoeira notebook, a towel, and a water bottle.

The Masters and Professors at the Washington Capoeira Center (WCC) have developed the most beginner friendly capoeira program in the United States. Mestre Syed has crafted an intricate movement curriculum for new students to learn the most authentic capoeira available. Students will spend their valuable time learning traditional and modern techniques to make them into the best capoeira players they want to be.

Across our curriculum, students train to develop body awareness, flexibility, physical strength, agility, mental confidence, and creativity; while learning history, language, musicality, culture, self-defense, social justice, and self- and community-empowerment.

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Basic Training

Basic training is the foundation of our movement program. You will be taught the fundamental moves and the WCC basic 50 sequences. You will always be introduced and initiated into the culture of Capoeira Angola. All levels are welcome and will have to pass through this class before going to Specific and Live Training courses.

Specific Training

Apply the learned fundamentals to the specific intermediate and advanced sequences and to specific styles of capoeira games. Students familiar with the basic training sequences have the opportunity to dive deeper into the nuances of the movements and African-Brazilian culture. Students will learn to develop strategy and their unique style at this level.

Live Training

Students focus on timed actions while playing capoeira games to sharpen their technique and build cardiovascular endurance and critical thinking and to work on their creative processes.

Bahia training

We are the only capoeira school that offers members times to meet and play capoeira without any restrictions. This is our version of an open mat you will find at MMA/BJJ gyms. Bahia Training is where people can come together and develop their own creative ways of training, sharing, and playing capoeira. If you would like to bring a friend, contact us for a Friends & Family pass.

Music Training

This is a class focused on music training. Music is essential to playing capoeira. All students learn to play capoeira instruments and to sing capoeira music. We greatly respect the norms and traditions of this ancient African martial art from Brazil and offer multiple opportunities a week to train music, Portuguese language, capoeira songs, and capoeira instruments. Students will also be exposed to music practice in capoeira training classes. We make and sell traditional capoeira musical bow instruments, the berimbau. Ask for details.

Roda Training

This is the WCC’s class where coaches teach the fundamentals of Capoeira Angola in a simulated capoeira Angola roda (circle). These classes are typically reserved for group members only. Members come together to practice and discuss group traditions.

Traditional Rodas

These are the rodas where the culmination of all our training is put into practice to maintain our tradition and to evolve the culture of Capoeira Angola in the Pacific Northwest. Rodas are open to all guests. For capoeiristas, the weekly or monthly traditional capoeira roda is the most vital part of your practice. Go to every roda you can, and learn from the vast community of capoeira.


Dance Fundamentals & Afro-Brazilian Dance

Dance is an essential element of capoeira history and culture. Expand your movement vocabulary and discover more avenues for self-expression in this class. This fusion class will focus on teaching a variety of dance techniques and styles to build body awareness and proper alignment, while also working on musicality through drills and choreography.

Coaches Program

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a capoeira coach. This program is for anyone seriously looking to dive into the art of capoeira.

Expansion Program

Contact us if you are interested in actively expanding the mission as a leader of a new training site. The vision is to create our own capoeira scene to maximize the moments and opportunities to do our capoeira. Coaches and adults training seriously will also be offered opportunities to start expansions.


If you are interested in bringing capoeira to your organization.

See our FAQ for more information about training and visiting the school.

First class is free for new students!

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