Adults Capoeira

The Masters and Professors at the Washington Capoeira Center (WCC) have developed the most beginner friendly capoeira program in the United States. Mestre Syed has crafted an intricate movement curriculum for new students to learn the most authentic capoeira available. Students will spend their valuable time learning traditional and modern techniques to make them into the best capoeira players they want to be.

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Capoeira for Kids

Our capoeira for children program for ages 4 and up is the largest kids program in the Pacific Northwest area. Syed Taqi is the head instructor of kids capoeira program, and with over 15 years teaching kids he has developed a serious learning environment. Each class is based on our 3 principles of learning skills, FocusDiscipline, and Respect. Experinced kids move on to learning about AchievementCommunity, and Leadership. Contact us today to schedule for your free capoeira kids class.

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Weekly Traditional Capoeira Roda

Weekly Traditional Capoeira Roda

You and your family are welcome to the only weekly capoeira roda in the Pacific Northwest hosted by the Washington Capoeira Center. The best way to regularly build community is to come to the roda every week. Each roda features a kids capoeira roda and an adults capoeira roda. The capoeira roda is the traditional gathering in a circle to play capoeira together in movement, music, and cultural art.

TCC 2021 Kids Camp - roda class

First class is free for new students!

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