Kids & Teen Capoeira

First class is free. Sign up for your free trial and sign our online waiver before participating. Wear comfortable clothing - please, no shorts. Expect to be barefoot for your training. Come with a positive attitude, a brand new capoeira notebook, a towel, and a water bottle.

We offer classes for ages 4 and up.

Our curriculum emphasizes Achievement, Community, and Leadership (ACL) through the development of Focus, Discipline, and Respect (FDR). The goal is to provide the fundamental building blocks for healthy young minds and bodies through capoeira exercises. Our coaches are dedicated to providing a space for the youth in our community to learn valuable lessons that will help them to thrive in Capoeira and in life while having fun and being themselves.

SCC kids

Kids Capoeira by Age Groups

Youth students develop their capoeira with age group-specific curriculums. Through dynamic instruction and practice, students train to develop body awareness, flexibility, physical strength, agility, mental confidence, and creativity; while learning history, language, songs, music instruments, culture, self-defense, social justice, and self- and community-empowerment.
Each class is inclusive to all levels. All students start with the white cord and earn stripes and new cords as they learn and grow within their age group’s curriculum. Teens with more experience can transition to train with adults.

Kids Live Training

Students will apply the fundamentals of their age specific capoeira level to prepare for playing in the capoeira roda. The capoeira roda is the community gathering of capoeira players to perform and play their capoeira and to maintain the tradition.

Kids Capoeira Roda

Building community with our kids is important to the mission of our capoeira. The best way to build community is to participate in Kids Capoeira Rodas. Students are also encouraged to visit rodas at different locations to play with teammates of their sister locations.

TCC 2021 Kids Camp - music lesson

Kids Capoeira Festival

Each quarter, students from all locations come together for our Kids Capoeira Festival to celebrate their capoeira achievements with showcases, matches, games, and a party! Students will have focused training in classes to prepare them for each festival.

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If you are interested in bringing capoeira to your school or organization.

See our FAQ for more information about visiting and training.
See Mestre’s Life & Mission for Youth Capoeira.

First class is free for new students!

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