Seattle Capoeira Center

I’m based in NYC and I’ve visited the studio just this April to participate in an event held by Professor Manganga, who I have had the pleasure to meet personally when he visited NYC last May and was highly recommended as a world-class practitioner of capoeira by my teacher and my teacher’s teacher. The capoeira that he teaches and cultivates is truly amazing, it strikes an apt balance of being beautiful and smooth as well as strong and powerful. In addition to movements, the community there is very welcoming. I was a visitor and was treated like family and I felt as if I was home in my own academy. Everyone made sure to introduce themselves to visitors and went so far as to provided housing, hospitality (our host even cooked for us) and friendship. I was really touched by the community that was developed here, and that’s a hard thing to come by because that kind of culture does not materialize overnight, if at all, and speaks volumes of Professor Manganga. In terms of the space, the studio is very large (and not just by NYC standards) and clean. I highly recommend Seattle Capoeira Center and I encourage everyone who’s interested in capoeira to experience what it has to offer. – Kevin N, Capoeira practitioner from New York

I have been doing Capoeira for roughly 3 months now. I have never regretted starting for even one moment. The time and dedication I have put into becoming better at Capoeira has showed to others and for myself. I enjoy each day and give gratitude that Profe Manganga has pushed me to be better every time I show up. Capoeira for the past month has gotten me out of bed at 5:50 am and has been the best way for me to start my days. – Jacob Chin

I enrolled my 6 year old son at the Seattle Capoeira Center and they exceeded our family’s expectations. The instructors are highly knowledgeable with teaching youth the culture of Capoeira. I look forward to seeing my son grow up in this community and becoming a future master of the art. – Anthony Mustacich, parent

I live and I’m a professional All-styles dancer in NYC, I began Capoeira at the SCC in 2006 with Prof. Manga and it has changed the way I move and see the world in such a beautiful way. I would recommend this Center of Capoeira to everyone in Seattle, the community and teachings are great! – Eriko T.

Can’t recommend this place enough. I studied capoeira with the great Mestre Marcelo in Oakland, CA for four years prior to moving to Seattle so I came to Washington with high standards for capoeira.

Professor Manganga, a student of Grand Mestre Nô, and his group embody many of my ideals in Capoeira. It’s a physically and mentally challenging group with rigorous training and focus on strategy and mindfulness, as well as a justice oriented practice: for personal uplift, for social outreach, and for fostering community.

Ideally, capoeira should be a physical, spiritual, and political action. I feel that at the Seattle Center for Capoeira, it’s definitely all three. – Yelp review 2013

The Seattle Capoeira Center is as good as it gets! Professor Mangangá is a masterful teacher with a great deal of patience for beginning students. He uses mindfulness with an emphasis on technique to drive his fun and intelligent classes. The group that trains there is very helpful and beginners are welcomed! I have visited a lot of groups in Seattle, and The Seattle Capoeira Center is my favorite because of their intelligent, mindful, and technical approach. – Yelp review 2013

Probably the most chill and devoted professor you’ll ever meet. Seriously, try his classes. Every single class I’ve had with him has been challenging but super fun. He builds a sense of community so that everyone feels a sense of camaraderie and positivity. and you learn more than just Capoeira. Occasionally there’s music and songs too.
I’m a hip hop dancer and artist and I had no idea what capoeira was exactly when I first started out last year. I’m glad my friends pulled me into this, and I recommend Professor Manganga’s classes to anyone. He’s super dope! =) – Yelp review 2012

I would love to say that the moment I first walked through the doors at the Seattle Capoeira Center I back-flipped into the most beautiful ginga ever seen. Unfortunately, none of that happened. But it didn’t even matter. The way that Professor Manganga taught the class enabled me as a completely new and awkward student to feel immediately welcome in the Capoeira community. He has a talent for understanding the different abilities of each person and manipulating his teaching in order to benefit everybody; anybody can reach their maximum potential with him. I spent a year training under Professor Manganga and it truly was a remarkable experience. The friends, skills, and memories I have gained from that year are something that I will be forever grateful for. I still remember the end of my first class: I walked out the door feeling happy and at peace with my life. Despite whatever troubles I was dealing with outside Capoeira, whenever I left the studio it was always with a smile. I’d recommend it for anybody. – Yelp review 2012

When I first visited the Seattle Capoeira Center I felt very at ease; everyone was friendly, open, and positive. At the time I had just moved to Seattle and had very few connections. The Seattle Capoeira Center introduced me to many things inside and outside of Capoeira. Every class is fun and I always learn something new like how to: sing, play music, move, and so much more. I recommend that everyone interested in learning about culture in a positive environment pay the Seattle Capoeira Center a visit. Professor Mangana is a phenomenal teacher who is able to work with and teach everyone about Capoeira Angola. – Google review 2013

Training at the Capoeira Center with Professor Manganga has been such an enriching experience. Prior to learning capoeira I didn’t have any formal martial arts experience, but here we learned to ease into the craft day by day. If you’re into gaining ‘progress’ it is easy to see your skills evolve over short periods of time under his tutelage. The classes are very rewarding; driven by development of technique and interaction with fellow students. The Professor is always willing to teach, push for everyone’s greater potential, and has helped foster a supportive and friendly capoeira community. – Google review 2012