Terms & Conditions

Seattle Capoeira Center


The SCC website is www.SeattleCapoeiraCenter.com where events and important announcements are. Ensure your email account settings allow emails from info@seattlecapoeira.com. We do not give your personal information to any third parties. Please keep all contact information current as we communicate with our students electronically.

Hours and Scheduled Closures

The SCC is open with the exception of most Federal Holidays, additional times for summer, and winter break. Information on closures and revised hours of business are available at the calendar portion of the website. The front desk can be reached at (206) 494-0287 or by email at info@seattlecapoeira.com. Always check the calendar.

Ground Rules and Code of Conduct

The SCC is located at the Mt. Baker Lofts with Syed Taqi being a current resident. Members or member guests are considered a house guest of Syed Taqi at the Mt. Baker Lofts. It is required to act in a respectful manner to all residents and neighbors. There is no smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverage. Please keep the area clean- do not leave personal items unattended in the lobby and do not wander on the grounds. Do not sing and dance after 9:45pm. See the attached document for the official guidelines for Seattle Capoeira Center.

Use of Facility

The SCC is a no shoes facility. Please keep our space clean and better than before you came. We also have a community room available for workshops and special events. The community room is for registered students/guests of Syed Taqi during scheduled class hours for public group training. Additional private lessons must be scheduled through the staff. Usage of the center and community room is prohibited without a designated teacher present.

Ongoing Agreements

The SCC has various contract agreements to choose from. Your monthly tuition reserves your space as a member of the SCC. A student may withdraw from lessons at any time for any reason with a month to month contract. However, students are expected to make monthly tuition payments until withdrawing from lessons by submitting a written 30 day notice from their final tuition payment. All 3 month, 6 month and 12 month contracts and membership terms must be completed.

Once a student has withdrawn from lessons, there will be a $35.00 re-registration fee to re-enroll students. In the event that a student is seriously ill or injured, freezing their agreement and tuition can be negotiated with staff. A physician’s note will be required for documentation to freeze the contract agreement. Missing or not showing up for scheduled lessons does not constitute notice of withdrawal from lessons. Absolutely no refunds for all tuition payments. Regular attendance is essential for success.

Guests and Trial Classes

Most of our membership is through community outreach and referrals from students. Students are welcome to bring a guest who is interested in joining the SCC. Guests will receive 1 complimentary trial class when attending with a registered member.

Photo/Video Release

The Seattle Capoeira Center is hereby granted permission to take photographs and videos of you and the students to use in media advertising, posters, and other promotional materials.


Mindbody collects all tuition for the Seattle Capoeira Center classes and lessons. All tuition payments are non-refundable. Contact the staff to inquire on freezing tuition to due to serious injury or medical conditions. All questions about tuition payment processing should be directed to info@seattlecapoeira.com.

Delinquent Payments

Students are expected to keep all tuition payments current. Payments more than 5 days late will be charged a $10.00 late fee. Payments more than 30 days late will incur an additional $25.00 late fee. Payments more than 60 days late will be sent to collections. Late payments or the failure to make tuition payments does not constitute withdrawal from classes or cancellation of an ongoing contract agreement.


Members are required to purchase a uniform after the first week of class. Uniform prices vary based on size and type.

Scheduled Performances and Capoeira Rodas

Seattle Capoeira Center sponsors monthly Capoeira Angola Rodas as part of the SCC’s contribution to the history, culture and community of Capoeira which are free to members. Participating in Rodas is a fun and challenging part of playing Capoeira Angola. Students are encouraged to participate in SCC Rodas, but are not required to perform.

Class Cancellations

In the unlikely event that the Seattle Capoeira Center is closed due to inclement weather, or any other unforeseen reason, the closure will be posted on the SCC’s website and/or posted on the door. See the staff about make up days and open practice.

Substitute Teachers

Seattle Capoeira Center reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher in the event that the regular teacher is ill or unavailable. If an appropriate substitute teacher is not available, class may be cancelled and an open practice will be made available.