how capoeira honors one of its own body

Capoeira Scholarship

Gentle, generous, mystical, joyful. These are words that come to mind when we remember William Darnell Robinson – known to the capoeira community affectionately as “Mugunje”. Mugunje was a one-of-a-kind capoeirista, and the reason our school exists. Those that knew him believed he was not quite from this universe – always with a smile on his face, he would appear at street rodas or wander into class munching a bag of nuts, or practice for hours at the park by himself. Money and material possessions held no importance for him – he focused on what mattered to him – his relationships with people, and his connection to the earth and to the supernatural. 

Mugunje had a gentle soul and a generous spirit. He donated his own money to keep the school afloat and to make it possible for kids to take classes. His diet consisted of nuts, dried fruits, coconut water and pine needles (if he became lost during one of his long amblings in the woods) but somehow this was enough to make him one of the strongest capoeiristas – but also the most gentle. His sturdy but bendable torso meant he could twist his way out of any position. His capoeira style was unique – he copied no one and no one could copy him. 

Mugunje’s axé happily welcomed the next generation of capoeiristas to receive the art of capoeira, and now that he has joined our ancestors, we honor and remember Mugunje by opening up our doors to welcome others who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn capoeira. This scholarship honors Mugunje’s humble generosity and allows his axé to live on through the generosity of the community. 

Apply Here. Scholarships prioritize youth of under-resourced backgrounds. Support Capoeira Life NPO to help fund the William “Mugunje” Robinson Capoeira Scholarship. Donate today and share the link! Capoeira Life is fiscally sponsored by Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.


First class is free for new students!

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