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Rhythms of Capoeira

Capoeira is a rhythm-based Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music along with constant motion to deliver defensive moves, kicks, leg sweeps and various types of strikes.

how capoeira honors one of its own body


Capoeira Scholarship Gentle, generous, mystical, joyful. These are words that come to mind when we remember William Darnell Robinson – known to the capoeira community affectionately as “Mugunje”. Mugunje was a one-of-a-kind capoeirista, and the reason our school exists. Those that knew him believed he was not quite from this universe – always with a …


A Capoeira Life Beginnings References Experiences

A Capoeira Life: Beginnings, References & Experiences

Oi Mestre, I’m very thankful and appreciative of you always keeping it real and promoting capoeira in Tacoma and Seattle. Also, it’s great you’ve built this online program, giving us access to the masters like you have during this coronavírus shut down… All this variety of capoeira has me more curious about our own history. Can you tell me who are your references, when you graduated to each cord and where you’ve been to in Brazil for my capoeira notes? I have to have this info on my own Mestre.

Give Big to Capoeira Life 2018

Give Big to Capoeira Life

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support to the SCC. It has been a long year of growth and development across the board. We have promoted two new Professors in Capoeira Angola which is not an easy feat it took over a decade for them to achieve this level.

seattle capoeira center , photo Gallery

Capoeira Angola from Santa Catarina

Mestre Nô told me since I was young to travel to Santa Catarina to play Capoeira. He told me that I would learn so much more about Capoeira in other parts of the world. I always traveled to Brazil to play Capoeira in Rio, São Paulo, Bahia and etc… but the Capoeira in Florianopolis is wonderful. The beautiful island with Mestre Nô’s style was a dream come true for me.

seattle capoeira center photo Gallery

Mestre Nô and Mestre Lázaro/

Mestre Lázaro is one of Mestre Nô’s most skilled students. He currently lives with his family, and teaches in Salvador, Bahia Brazil where he maintains the traditions of Capoeira Angola

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