Capoeira Angola from Santa Catarina

seattle capoeira center , photo Gallery

Mestre Nô told me since I was young to travel to Santa Catarina to play Capoeira. He told me that I would learn so much more about Capoeira in other parts of the world. I always traveled to Brazil to play Capoeira in Rio, São Paulo, Bahia and etc… but the Capoeira in Florianopolis is wonderful. The beautiful island with Mestre Nô’s style was a dream come true for me.

In the late 1980s Mestre Nô and many great Mestres from Bahia went to Florianopolis, SC, to play and teach Capoeira. The energy the Mestres brought to the Island can still be felt there today.

Rare to find a video of Mestre Bobó playing Capoeira. Great to see the mindful Capoeira in action and captured on film.

First class is free for new students!

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